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Unlock Your American Accent - Session Two

What You Will Learn in This Webinar...
Susan Ryan is an American Accent specialist and accent reduction coach. She has trained hundreds of professionals from around the world since 2007. Clients have included biotech researchers, engineers, startup founders, IT executives, and university professors living in the US, Canada, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Singapore and Thailand.

Here’s what we'll be covering in this training class:

Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent

  • In Session 2 you’ll learn about the current research that describes the relationship between foreign accents and listener trust.
  • You’ll also learn Secret # 2, a key technique for avoiding accent related grammatical errors that you may not realize you’re making!
The lessons in this class are time-tested and proven. They have worked successfully for my clients, and I look forward to sharing these lessons with you.
See you in class!
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