I’ve spent countless hours reading the research and teaching the most effective ways to teach American English pronunciation.

The response has been fantastic! Student after student has told me that the accent reduction strategies that I taught them were totally new to them. Not, only that, the techniques they learned in my classes helped them reduce their accents and communicate more clearly.

The American accent training my students receive in my program make them aware of why their pronunciation is not comprehensible to Americans. Once they understand the reasons why Americans don’t understand them, they are able to apply specific strategies and tactics to rapidly improve their American accent and pronunciation.

My training methods are based on research from the top English pronunciation experts around the world:


‘Just listening and repeating is not effective – You must learn to break down English sounds and recreate them’

Dr. Helen Fraser, University of New England

Professor Helen Fraser found in her research in Australia that the “listen & repeat” formula used in many ESL classrooms is not effective. Instead, she found that students must learn to break down the sounds of English and recreate them. Students must think about how they make sounds and then apply this thinking to words they encounter when they speak.


‘You need to understand and name your pronunciation mistakes’

Dr. Marnie Reed, Boston University

Professor Marnie Reed from Boston found that students of spoken English must be able to understand and name their pronunciation mistakes. Her research found that when students could understand and name their pronunciation mistakes they were better able to correct them.


‘You need training which balances sounds and stress and intonation’

Dr. Marianne Celce-Murcia, University of California, Los Angeles

Professor Marianne Celce Murcia from the United States found that students studying American English need a balance of both sound lessons and stress and intonation lessons in order to increase their comprehensibility.