One Big Reason Why You Speak With an Accent

One big reason that those of you not born in the US speak with an accent is because  there is not always a one-on-one relationship between the letters in the English alphabet and sounds of the spoken language. In my work as an accent reduction coach, I’ve realized that this is the cause for many pronunciation problems.

Here are some examples:

1. In spoken English words are linked together and many sounds many sounds are deleted or reduced.

2. The 26 letters in the English alphabet make up to 52 different sounds. The 5 vowel letters actually make 15 different sounds!

3. The sounds of vowels and consonants will change depending on their position in a word.

4. The way a syllable is stressed can change the meaning of a word, but English doesn’t use stress marks to show this.

5. Sentence stress & intonation (which are vitally important for clear  communication) are not marked in the written form of the language. You’re left to figure that out on your own!

You probably realize that your foreign accent keeps Americans from understanding them when you speak English, but maybe you don’t know exactly what  you can to do to change this.

That’s how an Accent Reduction Class can help you.

I want you to imagine the new opportunities you would have if you could improve your American English communication skills….

By improving the way you speak you would be able to communicate clearly, confidently and effectively with your customers, your colleagues and the people in your community.

You could definitely earn the respect of others, which usually leads to new and better opportunities.

However, unlocking the key to clear American English can be mysterious.

If  you know you have an accent but you don’t know exactly what is the cause is, join my class, Unlock Your American Accent: 5 Secret Keys to Communication Success.