What Students are Saying…

Little did I know where the accent reduction class would take me! I am working on my elevator speech. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher. L.K. Florida

Hi Susan, Thank you for the session recordings. I also appreciate your nice encouraging words; that helps a lot. P.I. West Virginia

Hi Susan,
Thank you sooo much for the outstanding lesson today and for the session and tell-me-about-you recordings. It’s all very helpful. H.T., Maryland

Hi Susan,
Thanks a lot again for the excellent teaching. Its great to get all these resources from you after each lesson. You are really good on focusing on individual needs to help people to improve.
I am happy to be your student , keep up with your style and excellent work. P.K., Boston, Massachusetts

While I was in the US along with my husband who worked for the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Susan and to be her student. Before taking the American English pronunciation course with Susan, I had studied English for a few years. However, I had quite a problem, making a lot of mistakes in pronouncing various words. Susan helped me correct my mistakes. After only two months,  my American English improved a great deal and I was able to speak English with much more confidence – Kim T., Vietnam

Dear Susan,
Thank you very much for your precious lessons and advice. I think your teachings are brilliant and useful. Francesco, Italy

Susan helped me better my pronunciation in group exercises as well as in 1-on-1 consultations. I reached a new level of spoken American English which allowed me to freely communicate in all day-to-day situations. I now feel I have enough command of English to solve many daily problems involving phone and person-to-person conversations (talking to a utility company, ordering plane tickets over the phone, etc). I am thankful to Susan, because my improved pronunciation allowed me to find new English speaking friends and to participate in more English speaking activities. – Zhang L., USA

I’ve done some schwa sound exercises and it was very productive: I’m getting more familiar with this sound. It was such a surprise for me to learn that even in simple phrases like “what are you doing” schwa sounds is used. I’ve never noticed it before and I start paying attention now. That’s really interesting! –Karina, Virginia

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and  guidance.  I’m impressed …by your fantastic evaluation skills.  I will be paying attention to your recommendations to be aware and practice syllable stress patterns and linking vowels. Jorge, USA

Hello Ms Susan, I have enjoyed the lessons so far and have found them to be both interesting and informative. There are too many internet sites that just want people to buy something, you are providing us with MORE! Thanks. – Terry, Philippines

Dear Susan, your lessons are extremely helpful for me and the materials presented by you show what an expert teacher you are. Thank you.
– Fariba, Iran

Dear Susan,
I am learning through your lessons and even guiding my friends with the same and you know its fantastic.
We all are finding it very easy to learn by this method. Your pronunciation learning tips and recommendations are great. Thank you.
– Pratibha, India

I like this Program. It is very easy to understand. I trust ConfidentVoice because I feel my English is improving. Thank you for you helping me.
– Pedro, California

Hi Susan, Your lessons are a great help and inspiring me to learn American English. I don’t have the exact words to extend my thanks.
-William, India

Dear Susan. Your lessons so far have reinforced my strong desire to know the American English. It’s an exciting language that I want to teach in the best way each day. This is my challenge. Many thanks and God bless you.
– Domingo, Columbia

Loving it Susan. It is excellent, superb. Thank you so much.
– Hossein, India

Susan, I am very much grateful to you for your lessons. My confidence level has increased because of your lessons.
– Sandeep, India

The courses are excellent specially for beginners but also good as reinforcement for non-beginners.
-Luz, Georgia

I am very glad to receive your good information and it is a dream to learn the american accent.
– Amer, Jordan

Dear Susan, thanks a lot for helping me improve my accent. I feel more confident that Is can talk with my friends without fear. Great thanks.
– Hani, Jordan

I learned alot about American English. It helped me to improve and I loved the lessons. Thank you soooooooo much
– Lili, Egypt

Dear Susan – I am getting many useful things about pronunciation skills through your course and also I am improving my pronunciation skills in a very efficient manner. Many thanks to you madam.
– Bimal, Sri Lanka

I think this e-course is very beneficial and is very helpful and enjoyable. I would personally recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of improving their American English.
– John, England

Dear Susan,
Many thanks. I enjoyed reading and learning all the information. Thank You!
-A.G., India

Dear Susan,
“I am really very grateful for your course. I can tell you that it was very useful for me especially in vowels pronunciation. I really thank you a lot for your program, it is very helpful, and I really hope that you keep up with more courses. I can feel now that my American English is improved, even my conversation got better. Thanks a lot again.”
– S.I., Egypt

Hi Ms.Susan,
I have been in constant touch with your English program right from the day I saw it. When I started off the course, I was very much unknown of the correct pronunciation of this global language. It was very hard to get used to the things I learnt from this sort of course early on.  But later on, I proceeded with the lessons provided by you on weekly basis practice and got off to a flying start in very short span of time. Soon after having corrected the stress and pitch of the words, I began to learn how to become very clear in vowel and consonant sounds. I am very much grateful to your course. Thanks and regards.
– K.C

Hi Susan,
I am very grateful for this kind of help!! I am about to take the Versant test because I am pursuing an opportunity as a Math teacher in US.  This has been really helpful to me.
– I.J., Philippines

Hello Miss Susan,
I’m taking your lessons about American Accent. As of now, my friends told me that I am improving and I got high grades in oral recitation.
– X.J., China