Unlock Your American Accent
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Now, You can unlock your capacity for successful American communication! 

Learn to speak in a way that will allow American listeners to understand you more easily. In this 8-session class I teach you the 5 American accent 'secrets' that no one has told you about. These five hidden keys will help you understand how to communicate more clearly, effectively and professionally in the North American workplace.

Designed based my experiences coaching hundreds international professionals since 2007, the lessons in this class are time-tested and have worked successfully for my clients - engineers, entrepreneurs, IT executives, doctors, attorneys, and MBA students.

I look forward to sharing these lessons with you. If you take action on this information and apply the principles I teach you, they will truly make a positive, immediate difference in your life.

Unlock Your American Accent
5 Secret Keys To Communication Success

Here's what you'll learn in this training class:


Why Do I Have an Accent?

In Session One you’ll discover the ConfidentVoice communication framework that has enabled my clients to make noticeable improvements in their American English speech.

You’ll learn Secret #1, a key technique for making yourself understood the first time you say any word. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of why your accent interferes with your communication.


Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent

In Session 2 you’ll learn about the current research that describes the relationship between foreign accents and listener trust.

You’ll also learn Secret # 2, a key technique for avoiding accent related grammatical errors that you may not realize you’re making!


How To Speak Like a Native

In this session, you will understand how you can speak like a native using the tenets of the ‘Intelligibility Principle’.

You’ll learn Secret # 3, the key technique for asking questions the way Americans do. You’ll be very surprised to learn what you’ve been doing wrong!


The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes

In Session 4 you’ll learn how using the correct “ vocal energy” creates a pleasant speaking style that is engaging and inspiring.

You’ll learn Secret # 4, how to speak with a pace that sounds pleasing and in control, using the ’3P’ method.


What Does a Successful CEO Sound Like?

In Session 5 you”ll learn the techniques that successful CEOs use to communicate in a manner that inspires confidence and trust.

You’ll learn Secret # 5 – how using pace and low tones enables you to speak in a way that sounds clear, confident and in control.


Making Connections with Small Talk

In Session 6, you’ll learn why making small talk is a critical communication skill in the American workplace and the six reasons why small talk can’t be ignored.

You’ll learn Secret # 6 – specific speaking strategies for making friendly small talk that will allow you to immediately connect with Americans.


American Responses to Foreign Accented Speech

In Session 7 you’ll learn how Americans react to the speech of non-native speakers. I’ll discuss and give you access to a controversial University research study that asks: Do Americans get used to foreign accented speech over time?

You’ll learn Secret # 7 (actually 2 bonus secrets) – how speaking with contractions and the correct American ‘T’ sounds will make your American English sound more fluid and natural.


Putting It All Together

In Session 8, you’ll review the 7 secrets for American communication that we covered. Then you’ll practice integrating all the ‘secrets’ you’ve learned.

We’ll pull everything together using some popular business idioms that Americans use in the workplace. This is a challenging final session that will put all of your new knowledge to the test!

Here's what You get ...

You get access to all eight (8) classes of the 'Unlock Your American Accent: The 5 Secret Keys to Communication Success' training course. 

  • Audio recording of each class session, between 60-80 mins each (in CD format)
  • Class handouts and slides for each session (in pdf format)
  • Assignments - case study and article - for each session (in pdf format)
  • 9 CDs total in 2 media cases - 8 audio CDs and 1 data CD included

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Unlock Your American Accent


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take this Class? +

International professionals working in IT, finance, health care, HR, sales and academia.

Accomplished professionals with a strong command of written English and vocabulary.

People who’ve already experienced significant career success and want to bring their spoken communication skills to the next level.

What will I be able to do after this class? +

After this Class, Students will be able to confidently:

  • Ask any type of question clearly and effectively
  • Lead meetings and discussions with confidence
  • Speak clearly over the phone
  • Make small talk with colleagues and clients
  • Connect with others in a way that builds trust and inclusiveness
  • Clear up communication breakdowns whenever they occur
Are there any pre-requisites for this class? +

Participants are expected to have a strong command of written English and vocabulary. Reading materials and assignments are included which will help prepare students for each upcoming class.

How will this training be delivered? +

You will receive 8 audio CDs containing audio recordings and 1 data CD containing pdf class assignments and handouts in a multi-disc case set.  This will be shipped to you via USPS priority mail (USA addresses) or USPS First class mail (International addresses). Shipping charges will be calculated on the order form based on your shipping address & country of location. You will receive an order confirmation and tracking information (for USPS Priority) when your order is shipped .

What our Students are Saying

Your lessons were very engaging and stimulating. You have done a fantastic job in preparation, organization and delivering the whole class in a very productive way. Thanks for all the great work .
N. Khan
This was a great summary class. It refreshed a lot of what we previously practiced. Also learned something new. Thanks so much for letting me join!
Thank you very much for your dedication in this course. I have learned a lot of from it. 
I love the material you presented. I m totally impressed, wow!

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