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Little did I know where the accent reduction class would take me! I am working on my elevator speech. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher. L.K. Florida

Hi Susan, Thank you for the session recordings. I also appreciate your nice encouraging words; that helps a lot. P.I. West Virginia

Hi Susan,
Thank you sooo much for the outstanding lesson today and for the session and tell-me-about-you recordings. It’s all very helpful. H.T., Maryland

Hi Susan,
Thanks a lot again for the excellent teaching. Its great to get all these resources from you after each lesson. You are really good on focusing on individual needs to help people to improve.
I am happy to be your student , keep up with your style and excellent work. P.K., Boston, Massachusetts

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American English Consonant Sounds (Intro)

In this lesson you will learn the 3 features of consonant articulation. I will teach you the important differences between voiced and voiceless consonants in American English and how voicing affects your accent.

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American English Vowel Sounds (Intro)

Most people think that American English has 5 vowel sounds, a,e,i,o & u. Well, that’s really just the beginning! In this video presentation you will learn all of the American English vowel sounds-there are more than five.

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American English Pronunciation (Intro)

In this video lesson I will explain why you have an accent when you speak, why Americans don’t understand you and what you can do to improve your American English pronunciation .

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Rashmi’s Story

Rashmi * worked as a product manager for a well known IT firm in Silicon Valley. A self starter, she contacted me for personal coaching after scoring mediocre points on communication during her annual review. After our initial consultation,I told Rashmi that there were two big reasons that native speakers were having difficulty understanding her.…

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Kumar’s Story

Kumar * was a recent client in my accent reduction coaching program. He worked in IT as a programmer for a health care organization in the Southeastern United States. Kumar was involved in assisting his organization to implement an enterprise software system. Due to his native language (Telegu) Kumar had what is considered a “heavy”…

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One Big Reason Why You Speak With an Accent

Many people realize that their foreign accent keeps Americans from understanding them when they speak English, but they don’t know exactly what their pronunciation problems are. That’s how an Accent Assessment can help you.

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American Accent Book for the iPad

We are pleased to announce that we now have an accent reduction for the iPad.

In each chapter you’ll learn rules, tips and patterns that you can use right away to begin speaking American English more clearly.
You’ll hear every word and sentence spoken by a native American English speaker.

In this ibook you’ll get specific instruction on how to speak English clearly and confidently.

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Why Do You Speak American English With an Accent?

If you were born outside the United States, you probably have an accent when you speak English.

In this short article I will explain why you have a an accent. Then I will explain 3 areas you must study if you want to reduce your accent.

First of all let’s talk about why you have an accent.

According to the Linguistic Society of America, “a ‘foreign’ accent occurs when a person speaks a new language using the familiar sounds and patterns of their first language.”

Simply stated, you are probably using the sounds and patterns of your native language when you speak English.

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Accent Reduction Training on Skype Video

In my Accent Reduction Training Course I work with you one-on-one via Skype video to help you achieve your American English communication goals. This course is designed for professionals who want to reduce their foreign accents and communicate comfortably and effectively with American English speaking clients, colleagues and coworkers.

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