Accent Reduction Audio Courses

Are you looking for an accent reduction audio course that you can use on your iPhone or Android?

Here are two downloadable audio courses that will teach you techniques to reduce your accent. I’ll tell you a bit about both of them.

The first one is called the Best Accent Training mp3 Audio Course. This is a very complete course that  contains 52 lessons for developing clear and accurate American English.

The mp3 lessons in this course teach you how to pronounce American English vowel and consonant sounds, use syllable stress in 2 and 3 syllable words and speak using the correct intonation patterns.

You can buy the whole course or just the sounds and patterns that you need to work on. The lessons are designed for your mp3 player so you can practice wherever you want to!

The course includes a down loadable PDF e-book containing clear detailed instructions and complete transcriptions of all mp3 recordings.

Prices start at $7.00 per lesson. You can download each lesson right away.

To read more about Best Accent Training click on the link below.
Best Accent Training Audio Course

The second course is from my colleague Sheri and it’s called the American Accent Audio Course.

This course is a little bit different than some of the other courses. That’s because in this audio course, Sheri really focuses on stress and intonation.

If you’ve been reading about accent reduction, you know how important stress and intonation are for accent improvement. That’s why Sheri developed an audio course to teach these concepts.

You can check it out here. The cost is very affordable at $37.00.
American Accent Audio Course

If you have been looking for an accent reduction audio course check these out.

The time to start changing your accent is now! Go ahead, check out these courses and get started. Listen on your phone and learn on the go!