American Accent Book for the iPad

We are very pleased to announce that we now have an accent reduction book for the iPad.

In each chapter you’ll learn rules, tips and patterns that you can use right away to begin speaking American English more clearly.

You’ll hear every word and sentence spoken by a native American English speaker.

In this ibook you’ll get specific instruction on how to speak English using:
• The 15 American English vowel sounds
• Stressed vowels & the schwa sound in longer words
• The Th sounds
• The American T sounds
• American English sentence stress
• American English intonation
• Useful and practical dialogs that you can use everyday

Best of all, using the engaging instructional features of the ipad, you will learn interactively using movies, audio lessons, interactive presentations and quizzes.

Purchase American Accent Fundamentals today to and start speaking American English with clarity and confidence. Download a free preview chapter in the iBookstore today!