Accent Reduction Classes

The American Pronunciation Course is an excellent choice for people who want to study  accent reduction and American English pronunciation online. Just click the link below to meet the instructor and see a free demonstration of everything you will learn.

The American Pronunciation Course


Maybe you’re not sure about classes or coaching?

Here are 4 free or very affordable things you can do start to start working on your accent today:

1. Sign up for my Free Accent Reduction 8 Part E-Course.

2. Learn some accent reduction tips with these Accent Reduction Techniques.

3. Visit my American English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Blog.

4. Purchase an accent reduction book or mp3 audio course. Follow the link here to see the books that I use and recommend.

Whatever you choose to do, here at Confident Voice I am here to help you reduce your accent and improve the way you communicate in American English!

Susan Ryan, Chief Instructorsusan

You CAN reduce your accent so that people will understand you more easily. In order to do this you must learn to apply and then practice the correct accent reduction techniques.

Don’t delay any longer, get started today!