susanMy name is Susan Ryan and I have been helping people to learn American English since 1991.

My credentials include: a Bachelor’s degree in History, a post baccalaureate degree in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and a Master’s degree in Adult English as a Second Language

I currently lead accent reduction coaching sessions via SKYPE video six days a week. Past and present clients include  IT professionals and engineers from India, Russia, Turkey and Argentina, doctors from China, teachers from Italy, accountants and teachers from Brazil and priests from Haiti.

These professionals have been able to successfully reduce their accents and improve their spoken English communication skills by taking my classes.

I currently live in  Florida but my coaching and teaching is done online via Skype video. Personal sessions are personal, convenient and cost effective.

I am an active Toastmaster (CC, CL, ACB ) and serve as Vice President of Education at my local club in Delray Beach, Florida.

To learn more about accent reduction, you can visit my blog at

OR Skype me at: confidentvoice.

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