The Benefits of Accent Reduction Coaching

Many professionals including: doctors, nurses, clergy, business executives, engineers, professors need to speak American English clearly and confidently in their work.  These professionals understand that improving their spoken American English will allow them to communicate more effectively with business associates, customers, colleagues and friends.

That’s why many professionals are looking for the best way to reduce their accents.

You may be one of the many highly educated professionals who learned to read, write and speak English in your native country. Chances are that your reading, writing and grammar are excellent! However, you may have found that your spoken English is so accented that American English speakers don’t always understand you when you speak.

Speaking American English with a strong foreign causes frustration and breakdowns in communication. When people fail to understand you, conversations and negotiations fall apart.  Even routine tasks such as answering the phone or giving directions can become painful to complete.

By learning to recognize and change the sounds and patterns that you unconsciously transfer from your own language to English, you can learn to speak in a way that will allow American listeners to understand you more easily.

An accent reduction coach can identify the pronunciation features that stop Americans from understanding what you are saying.  An accent coach will help you learn the sounds and patterns of spoken English that you need  in order to sound more American.

After your accent reduction sessions you must practice daily for about 20-30 minutes, more if you can. This will help the new sounds and patterns to become unconscious and natural to you. Most people actually begin to hear and speak English differently once their first accent reduction session begins.

People who take accent reduction courses are usually highly motivated professionals who are looking for better job opportunities or promotions. increased social opportunities and better cultural understanding. If this sounds like you, it may be time for you to investigate accent reduction coaching.

Remember that accent reduction involves changing or modifying only some of the sounds and patterns you use in your current speech.