Improve Your American Accent

Do you speak English with a foreign accent? Do you find that native English speakers find it difficult to understand you?

Even though your English grammar and writing are excellent, your accent may be preventing you from communicating in your workplace, getting a promotion or even making new friends.

The most effective way reduce your accent and improve the way you speak American English is to work with an accent reduction coach.

That’s because accent coaching is very personal. The lessons are customized to meet your specific needs and goals. When you work with an accent reduction coach, you won’t spend your time addressing other people’s pronunciation problems as you would in a large accent reduction class.

My online accent coaching is convenient and very cost effective. There is no travel time involved, just sit at your home or office computer and work with me.

Working from your home or office allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

You will have to practice after each accent coaching session and I  will give you specific exercises to do. I also strongly encourage you to make and submit speech recordings between sessions. That way I can listen to your practice recordings and send you important feedback.

My program includes a book with audio CDs and other materials.

Accent reduction coaching is the best option for serious professionals who really want to improve the way they speak American English.

If you are interested in learning more about  accent reduction coaching  programs  take a look at the information on my website American Accent Training.